Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A Look Back ~ March 2018

Chicks!: We got 14 chicks.  They started out tiny and cute and now are big and smelly!  They are still in my house because of the cold we've had.  Hopefully, they will be outside tomorrow and I can get my house back!

Baby Weatherholt: Lilah's teacher is expecting her first baby any day now.  Some moms got together and surprised her with a baby shower at school.  She was definitely surprised and touched!

Gavin's Surgery: Gavin ended up having surgery on March 8th.  He had more foam and alcohol added to his quad muscle.  The recovery was awful and included a blood clot.  He didn't walk well for a few weeks and was in a lot of pain.  I think the recovery is going to continue to be longer each time.

Happy Birthday, Blake and Alloway!: Blake and Alloway had a joint Bear Hunt Birthday party.  It was cute.  Only the girls and I went because Gavin was still at home recovering.

 Visiting Uncle John and Hudson: We took a trip to visit John and Hudson one Saturday.  We were only able to stay a few hours, but it was nice to see them.  The girls and I had so much fun playing with and entertaining Hudson!

 Y Walking: One Sunday, I even got Brian to join me for walking at the Y!
 Zaycon Fresh: I'd heard of Zaycon Fresh before, but I'd never used them.  We found a deal on boneless skinless chicken breasts for 99cents a pound.  That's a great deal and we eat a lot of it especially now on WW.  It comes in 40lbs.  I planned a bunch of freezer meals and broke down the chicken into portions we would use.  Those meals have come in handy.  We liked the service so much, we've already got our next chicken order in and are going to try the ground turkey!

 WW Update: In this picture, I am down 29.2 pounds!
 Happy Birthday, Abel!: We went to Brian's friend's son's birthday party.  It was a Mickey Mouse theme and everything was so cute!
 Sturgis Easter: On the Saturday before Easter, the kids and I headed to Sturgis for the day.  Brian was bartending, so he missed out on the fun.  We went to an egg hunt at Grammie's church.  Since it had to be inside, they had balloons everywhere to make it harder to find the eggs.  It was so cute!  The kids got a crazy amount of candy and got to see the Easter Bunny.  Then we spent time at Grammie and Pops' house eating lunch, getting baskets, and playing.  It was a fun day!

A Look Back ~ February 2018

Y Walking Buddies:
Super Bowl: We planned out a fun menu that was WW friendly for Super Bowl this year.  We like to stay home and watch the game and the kids look forward to our traditions!

Haircut: I finally got around to getting my haircut.  I should do it more often, but I don't make myself a priority.  I'm working on that!

I was so excited to be down 21.5 and have lost 10% of my body weight!

Glasses!!: Lilah had been having headaches at school and since she was already borderline needing glasses, I took her back in for an appointment.  Sure enough, she is farsighted and needs glasses.  She was excited, but I was worried about find frames our little fashionista would approve of.  Well, we walked right up and eye level for her were the perfect frames in her favorite color!  She tried on one pair and that was it!  She looks adorable in them and has done great!

100 Patch: On the day of Gavin's birthday party, we finally broke 100 in bowling!  I missed it due to not feeling well, but he was so excited!  When it was time for the next trophies, he got his 100 patch.  he is so proud of that thing!
My Glasses: I also went to the eye doctor and had to get glasses.  Unlike Gavin and Lilah, I am nearsighted.  I also do not have to wear them all of the time.  They help me when driving and at night. 

Valentine's Day: On Valentine's Day, we have a tradition of doing fondue and a clue hunt for the kids.  Well, the fondue this year was a complete flop.  Brian came to the rescue and grabbed pizza with the kids while I hid the clues.  This year, they led to an air hockey table that we found at Walmart after Christmas for $30 bucks!  Who knows how long it will last but it's fun for now! Dessert turned out great!

 Bowling Team: For the last session, Gavin was so excited that he was on a team with Chase, Sawyer, and Dylan!
 Baby Doll Fun: The girls and still obsessed with babies and dolls.  Lilah put a doll in an old dress of hers and people thought the baby was real!

 WW Update: As of this picture, Brian and I are down a combined 49.3 pounds!

Chef Macie: Macie is taking a cooking class once a month at the library.  She made english muffin pizzas at home for dinner one night using the recipe she'd learned.  Man she's growing up!
 Zoo Trip: We had a day in February where it got up to 80!  The kids and I met Grandma, Andre, and Ari at the zoo!

 Hair Cuts!:

 X-Rays: These x-rays show the coils in Gavin's legs. 
E-Learning Days: Because of all of the snow days, Lilah has had several E-Learning days.  Gavin helped out one night by reading to Lilah.
 Happy Birthday, Brian!: On Brian's birthday, we went to Tin Fish.  It was so yummy!  We hadn't been there in a long time.  The kids picked out gifts for him and cards, so they were excited to give him his goodies!