Friday, July 13, 2018

A Look Back ~ June 2018 Part 1

Peach Salsa: I  made peach salsa a few times and it was delicious!  We scarfed each batch down in no time and it was 0pts on WW!!
Camp Alive: The kids had another amazing week at Camp Alive!  This year, they had theme dress days and the girls were all about it!  Both Macie and Gavin were able to pick their own classes.  Macie was in Art of Beauty, Building a Boardgame, and Passion for Painting.  Gavin picked Blast Off, Build It, and Carpenters Corner.

Superhero Day! 
Crazy Hair and Dress Day

Macie's  Earth

Lilah's Whale

Lilah's Earth

Macie's Self Portrait

Beach Day

 Gorgeous Girl: OMG this girl is growing up too fast:(
Chelsea's Wedding: Brian and I were able to go to my former student teacher and assistant's wedding.  I'm so happy that she's found her perfect match!
 Dress Up Fun: 

 Andre and Charlotte: 

 Block Building: 

Take a Close Look: I couldn't snap the picture fast enough or zoom in, but check it out...Macie and Gavin were holding hands...voluntarily!  I cherish these moments!
 More Hair Fun: Macie did a double braid herself!
Friend Time: The kids had more friend time!  Macie had Hannah spend the night.  Gavin and Lilah each had a friend come over for the day.  Gavin had CJ and Lilah had Cambrie over.  They swam, played and had a great time!

 Roller Skating Diva:

Twins!:  I do not get that many pictures with Gavin because of his choice.  We spent the day at Riley together and he was happy to take a few pictures with me.

 Piccachu and Lego Ninja: 

Camp Lilah and Gavin: Macie spent the night with Aunt Allie before going to Holiday World.  Lilah planned a whole list of activities for her to do with Gavin while Macie was gone.  They built a fort in the living room and had lots of fun playing in it!  Lilah also made cupcakes and they decorated them.

Girls Photo Shoot: The girls and I did a mini photo shoot one morning.  They love that I'm in more pictures with them and trying new styles of clothes.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Meet Charlotte and Early Father's Day Present

Charlotte Rose: Lilah came to me several months back and said she thought it was her turn to get her own pet.  After visiting pet stores and narrowing it down, she decided a cat was the best choice.  I am not a cat person at all, but I didn't want a rodent. We figured out some of the details, but didn't plan to get an actual cat until Lilah's December.  When Lilah was in Sturgis, Grammie told us that her friend had kittens she was trying to get rid of.  I reluctantly went over to look at them.  And what do you know...we came home with a kitten!  After a quick stop at Rural King, we had the necessities.  Cats are a lot more independent and she is adorable, but I'm still not a cat person! I ended up spending the rest of the weekend setting up things for the cat and swapping the girls' bedrooms so that they could be separated.  Funny thing is, Macie loves the cat and it sleeps with her often!

Lilah is such a planner!  She made a list of things to do with her cat every day!
A New Grill: The kids and I surprised Daddy with money to buy a new grill as an early Father's Day present.  He had already picked one out.  I didn't realize that this was his first grill that he got.  All of the other ones were borrowed or left at our house.  He's thrilled and has already grilled several delicious meals for us!  Gavin and I put the grill together. He is great at following those types of directions and was so proud!

Another cute cat pic!