Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Meet Charlotte and Early Father's Day Present

Charlotte Rose: Lilah came to me several months back and said she thought it was her turn to get her own pet.  After visiting pet stores and narrowing it down, she decided a cat was the best choice.  I am not a cat person at all, but I didn't want a rodent. We figured out some of the details, but didn't plan to get an actual cat until Lilah's birthday...in December.  When Lilah was in Sturgis, Grammie told us that her friend had kittens she was trying to get rid of.  I reluctantly went over to look at them.  And what do you know...we came home with a kitten!  After a quick stop at Rural King, we had the necessities.  Cats are a lot more independent and she is adorable, but I'm still not a cat person! I ended up spending the rest of the weekend setting up things for the cat and swapping the girls' bedrooms so that they could be separated.  Funny thing is, Macie loves the cat and it sleeps with her often!

Lilah is such a planner!  She made a list of things to do with her cat every day!
A New Grill: The kids and I surprised Daddy with money to buy a new grill as an early Father's Day present.  He had already picked one out.  I didn't realize that this was his first grill that he got.  All of the other ones were borrowed or left at our house.  He's thrilled and has already grilled several delicious meals for us!  Gavin and I put the grill together. He is great at following those types of directions and was so proud!

Another cute cat pic!

Friday, June 15, 2018

A Look Back ~ May 2018

My weight loss continued this month and t-shirts that used to be too small were starting to get too big!
Mitchell Cafe: One day Gavin and Lilah opened a cafe in our garage.  They made a sign, menus, and served real food.  So cute and such fun memories made!

 Spring Soccer: Lilah played soccer at the Vann league this spring.  She had a lot of fun!
Dairy Queen Treat: Aunt Katie gave the kids DQ gift cards for Easter and we used them for lunch one day!
Yardwork: We tackled several projects in our yard.  The first one was one of our fencelines.  Our neighbor was kind enough to come over with his tractor and rip out a bunch of bushes.  It left a few ruts in our yard, but it was so worth it!

Pool: We were blessed this year with a pool!  Someone gave us a pool and even delivered it and set it up!  We kept the secret from the kids until we were sure it was happening.  To say they were thrilled is an understatement!  It's 16ft diameter and 4 ft deep.  I was happy that they can all touch.
Good Bye Miss Tina: Macie had her last mneme therapy session with Miss Tina.  Tina is moving to Florida.  Macie cried the entire last session.  Thankfully, Macie will get to meet her new therapist in July and see Miss Tina again.
 Pool Fun:

40lbs Lost: In May, I hit 40lbs lost on WW!!  We were at Rural King one day and I saw a 40lb bag of fish pond food.  I picked it up and it was so heavy! It is crazy to think that I carried that around all of the time.

More Yardwork: This area by the driveway has driven me crazy since we moved in.  The bushes were full of thorns. It was terrible getting in and out of the car on that side.  I was so happy to knock that out!

 Spring Soccer Pictures:

Wesselman's Science: Macie and Gavin continued to go to monthly science classes at Wesselmans.  One month it was about birds and they made the cutest nests out of rice krispy treats and Gavin filled his with robin eggs at home.
Future Hairdresser and New Shoes: Macie has been watching lots of videos to learn different hairstyles.  She's getting pretty good. I'm impressed with what she can do now! She's also growing like a weed and in a size 6 shoe!!

 More Pool Fun:

 St. Joe Field Day: We surprised Lilah during field day.  She was happy to see us and we were able to watch her play a few games!

Cutie Pie: We watched Ari one day for my mom.  I needed to change her diaper and she ran and hid under a chair.  She's a mess!

Relaxin' Gavin:

 Last Day of School:
 Gorgeous Girl:
 Andre's Preschool Program:

Sleepover Fun: Lilah went to Sturgis for her one on one time right after she was out of school.  I decided that would be a good time for Macie and Gavin each to have a friend spend the night.  Macie had Lilly and Gavin had CJ.  They had a great time.  Lilly unfortunately ended up sick early the next morning and we had to take her home.  Macie was disappointed but she still had plenty of fun.  I didn't get a picture of the girls but these boys talked and played and played and talked.