Friday, July 21, 2017

Homeschool Highlights ~ Back to School!!

We've Started Back to School!!!: The kids were able to go to several camps this July (more about that soon) and on Sunday, July 16th (they asked to start the night before) we started our home school.  I took this time to go over the changes for the upcoming school year and explain what all we would be doing.  I honestly can't believe I have a 2nd and 3rd grader this year!!

Lilah's Going to St. Joe: Because of my lack of blogging consistently, I'm not even sure if I've blogged about our decision to send Lilah to Kindergarten at St. Joe School.  There are a lot of reasons for this decision, but it honestly started with her asking to go to school.  I did a lot of praying, research, figuring out the finances, and discussing with Brian before we settled on St. Joe.  We are so excited and nervous at the same time.  I think it will be good for her to be away from disabilities and have her own thing.  I will also now be restricted by a schedule, uniforms, homework, fundraisers, etc and MISS HER LIKE CRAZY!!  The good thing is, the school she is going to is 5 minutes down the road and she gets out at 2:00 each day so we will have a lot of time in the afternoons to spend with her.  I try to do what each child needs even if it adds more work to me, and pray this is the right decision.  If not, we can always bring her back home.  Her first day is August 9th, so I'll be sure to post more about that.

Mneme Therapy: Macie has only gotten to do mneme therapy a few times this summer due to crazy schedules.  We will go back to twice a month in August.
The Grassy Beach
The Flag
 First Day of School:

 For now, Lilah is joining us and I'm doing Kindergarten prep.

Back to School Ice cream (formerly known as First Day of School Ice cream): Now that we will have different starting dates in our household, I changed our tradition to "Back to School".  This year, we did something different.  We went to the store and let each kid pick out a treat.  They were so excited to have free reign in the ice cream aisle.  That has never happened before!  Then, we came home and ate our treats on the back deck.  The cool thing was, we had leftovers and have benefited for several days!

Monday, July 10, 2017

How'd I Do? ~ Half Way There!

How in the world is 2017 already half way over?  I was looking at my yearly intentions today and decided to do an update.  I have to say, I've actually done pretty well in several areas and there are other areas I definitely need to work on.  I hope that the next six months I'm able to keep up the momentum and accomplish a lot like I've been in the last month or two!

2017 Intentions
1. Purge 17 areas of the house (see below) (15/17) Almost there!
2. Read 17 books for me (12/17)
3. Read 17 Chapter books to the kids (8/17)
4. Purge 17 items each week and blog it (3/52)
5. Cross 17 things off of my 101 in 1001 list (10/17)
6. Have people over 17 times (3/17)
7. Go on 17 dates with Brian (8/17)
8. Try 17 new recipes (5/17)
9. Purge 17 pounds (14/17)
10. Run/Walk 170 miles (35/170)                              
11. Go to 17 new restaurants (5/17) Sandy's Pizza, BruBurger, McAllister's Deli, Smitty's Italian Steakhouse, La Campirana
12. Post 17 Homeschool Highlights (4/17)
13. Spend 17 hours Scrapbooking (0/17)
14. Work 170 hours in the yard PURGING (12/170) TOO MANY TO COUNT!
15. Pray the Rosary 17 times (17/17)
16. Pay It Forward 17 times (3/17)
17. Purge Negativity by writing 17 posts about blessings in my life (0/17)

17 Areas of the House:
#1 Kitchen
#2 Hutch and Credenza
#3 Macie's Room
#4 Gavin's Room
#5 Lilah's Room
#6 Our Bedroom
#7 School Room
#8 Laundry Room
#9 Garage
#10 Game Closet
#11 Coat Closet
#12 Downstairs Bathroom
#13 Upstairs Bathroom
#14 Storage Shed
#15 All Attic Storage (Garage, Lilah's room, Macie's room, Our room)
#16 Aztec
#17 Buick

Monday, June 26, 2017

New Family Members

We've recently added to our family!! We've wanted a dog that could be a family dog and fit right into our family.  We made a lot of mistakes with Bentley and didn't want to go down that road again.  This time, we did our research and got a 5 month old black lab rescue.  We hadn't intended on going that young but she had the right temperament and was the perfect fit.
To make sure we were getting the right dog, we had my sister help us and she was impressed with how good she was for being so young.  Her name was Emilie Marie and we were going to change her name, but the kids were stuck on it.  So we changed the spelling and middle name to make it Emilee Elizabeth Mitchell.  She's such a sweetheart and we are all in love with her!

Macie was the only family member that wasn't thrilled about getting a dog.  I knew this and had been praying and thinking about it for a long time.  We spoke with her psychologist and she thought it was a great idea.  She wants us to push Macie out of her comfort zone a little bit.  She also said that a lot  of things have had to revolve around Macie and we wouldn't let her decide if we were going to have another child or other life decisions, we would just help her cope.  So that is just what we did!

We set up boundaries and safe places for Macie to be when we brought Emilee home, we assured Macie she would have no responsibilities or be forced to interact with the dog until she was ready, I stuck close by Macie for a day or two, and we planned special time with her during this time.  Well, it wasn't anytime at all and Macie was petting her, giving her treats, filling her food and water bowl, walking her on the leash and even taking the leash on and off!  She sits on the couch next to her and corrects her when she does something she doesn't like.  Because we'd made all of the accommodations we did, she felt safe and secure.  She is on cloud nine and so proud of herself.  Her mneme therapist noticed she was different and asked Macie what had changed in the last week and she said I got a dog and I'm not scared of her!!  I was so happy and proud!

One of the special things we had planned was to get Macie a pet (or 4) that were closer to her speed.  Fish were the perfect fit!  So we now also have Emma, Sandy, Callie, and Fiona.  They are so calming for Macie and she loves to watch them and feed them.

 Lilah is the most obsessed with Emilee but we are all truly in love with her!

I'm so thankful we found Emilee and she has gotten us moving!  Brian and the kids have been taking her on walks and I went this morning.  Right now we are tapped out with animals and our family is full!

Dear Lilah

Dear Lilah Jean,

How are you already 5 (and a half)? You are my baby and you are growing up so very fast.  You are an old soul five year old and are wiser than your years.  You are very intuitive and take care of others.  You are very into fashion and will only wear clothes that are "your style".  You want to be a doctor, nurse, vet, mommy, and cheerleader when you grow up.  You want to live close to me so that I can take care of all of your kids.  You love Shopkins, YouTube kids, playing outside and our new dog, Emilee.  You are obsessed with all of your little cousins and always want to take care of them.  I can't believe you are going to Kindergarten next year.  I am going to miss you so much.  I know that you will have lots of fun and meet new friends and have new adventures.  You love to share your thoughts and fears with me and I hope that continues.  Just remember, you are smart, important, kind, and beautiful.  I love you to the moon and back,