Friday, June 13, 2008

It's a girl!!!

On Tuesday, we went to the doctor and found out that we are having a girl. Brian wanted a little boy, but I know that he is thrilled about having a "daddy's girl". We have picked a name, Macie Lu. Macie is a name that Brian and I both had each picked out separately, before we got together. Lu is in honor of my mom and friend, Jessica, who passed away several years ago. Both of their middle names are Louise but neither one really liked it. We decided to shorten it to Lu. Simple and sweet!

Macie is quite a mover! Brian and I have both been able to feel her. When we are at the doctor, she hardly stops. They always have a hard time getting her heart rate and all of the measurements they need. She is also sitting right on my bladder, which explains why I am getting up so many times in the middle of the night to use the restroom.

I am working on getting her room ready now. When it is finished, I will add pictures to the blog.

Practice Makes Perfect

Last Saturday, Brian and I got some practice with our friend's little girl, Reagan Isabella. Isn't she precious? Reagan loves it when I hold her. I think she is talking to our little one! Hopefully, they will grow up to be great friends.

Half Way There!!

As of last week, I was officially half-way through the pregnancy. I am due on October 23rd. As you can see, I am showing but not too large yet. I am finally starting to gain a little weight back but I am still not at my original weight because I lost so much during my first trimester. I was very sick, but I am feeling much better now.