Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Busy Saturday

Today was a very busy day! We started the day with a photo shoot at Wesselmans. It was our first attempt to get both kids together. Macie was all over the place, but I know Allie was able to get some great shots! Then, Gavin and I headed to Rachel's shower and Brian dropped Macie off at my parent's. He had to bartend tonight and I wasn't about to take Macie to the shower. I wouldn't be able to sit for a second! Gavin was a very good boy as usual and slept most of the time.
After the shower, Gavin and I headed to my aunt's house for my Aunt Jamie's 5oth birthday party. My parents met us there with Macie. Macie had a blast because all of her friends were there! I missed the funniest moment of the night though! I changed Macie into her Elmo pjs and then went to feed Gavin so we could get ready to go. I guess Dylan saw that Elmo was on Macie's butt and kept following her around saying "Melmo" and started pinching her butt. The funny part is Macie just let him like it was no big deal! Too funny!
Gavin snoozing at the shower
Hannah wasn't quite ready to leave her Mommy's leg for a while, but she did warm up eventually!
Miss Macie

Dylan and Macie were sharing sticks
Aunt Jamie, the birthday girl, loved the Elvis card we got her!

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Kelly said...

I love Macie's hair with the bow on top of her head. That is too cute!!!
That is a huge Elvis card!!!