Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Macie, Gavin, my mom and I went to Holy Spirit to visit today. It was so nice to see many of the people that I work with and my students. I will be going back to work in a week and half (sniff sniff) and I wanted to take the kids in before then. Both kids were a hit. Macie acted a bit shy but started warming up once we got in my classroom.
After the visit, I dropped my mom off and then the kids and I headed to Walmart to buy a wii fit plus. Those things are hard to find these days, so I had to get one when I could. It was the first time I took both kids shopping by myself. As my mother-in-law said, I am getting brave. It is not just taking care of two kids that is hard, but keeping them both on their schedules, which of course isn't the same and the management of getting both kids in and out of the car/cart. I get worried that something is going to happen to the one while I am loading/unloading the other. I guess I've watched too many specials about kids being kidnapped! I do feel more confidant with them though and even gave both kids a bath before Brian got home. Macie's went off without a hitch, but Gavin's was a whole different story. Not only was Macie clinging to my leg crying because she wanted me to hold her, but Gavin pooped EVERYWHERE all over his towel. After laughing a bit, I cleaned him up and moved on! I had to grab a kitchen towel to wrap him up in to take into the bedroom to get dressed. Oh, the joys of motherhood...
Gavin and I with my small class
Gavin sporting his shamrock bib

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Kelly said...

Hi Abbie,
We're looking forward to you coming back to Holy Spirit. Your boy is so cute!!!
I added you to my bloglist as well if that's okay:)
See ya after spring break!