Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Fun in Daddy's Chair

Macie is learning new tricks every day! She has been getting in a chair at my mom's house all by herself. It took her a long time to figure it out, but she finally did. Now she thinks she can get in any chair. Last night she was bound and determined to get in the wooden chair that was Brian's when he was a little boy. The problem is, his chair is taller and doesn't have arms like the one at my mom's house. She was so funny to watch. She could get up there on her knees, but she couldn't figure out how to turn around. When she would get frustrated, she would get down and walk around the chair before trying again. After many tries, and not giving up, she finally did it! She was so proud of herself. I guess that tenacity paid off!!!
Attempting to get in the chairShe did it!
So proud of herself!!

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