Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Date

This afternoon, Brian and I used a gift card we had and went and saw the movie, Blindside. It was playing at the cheap seats. It only cost us $4 to get into the movie but another $8.75 for popcorn and 2 drinks! Crazy!!!! The movie was great and it was so nice to have a few hours just the two of us. My parents kept the kids for us. We even have a few dollars left on the gift card for next time!
In other news... Macie fed herself her applesauce at dinner tonight! We didn't help her at all! She was so excited to be able to use the spoon and have the bowl on her tray!

Laundry Basket fun... When Brian was doing laundry, Macie kept wanting to get into the basket. I told Brian to pull her around the house in it. So he pulled Macie around the house. She had a blast and cried when we finally put the basket away!

Like I told Brian, these moments are what life is all about!

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Kelly said...

We really liked the Blindside as well.
I love the laundry basket rides. How cute is that!!