Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cooking Day

This morning, we headed to the grocery store. Brian and I have been going about every other week or so and we try to plan out what we are going to buy based on coupons and meals we are going to make. Well, we had about $40 dollars worth of coupons and saved even more by price matching. I think our total savings was about $50 which was over 25% of our total bill. Definitely worth the time to clip coupons and look at the other ads!
When we got home, I decided to go ahead and prepare some foods to freeze and some things for the week. The more meals we have readily available on week nights, the less likely we are to go out to eat, therefore saving more money. I think we now have a total of 16 meals ready to go and a few more that we could throw together if we wanted something different. Here is what I prepared today:
  • Cut up strawberries for dessert tonight and froze two more bags of them for a future date.
  • Made about 5 pounds worth of mashed potatoes and divided into 5 containers to freeze.
  • Made Southwest Roll ups for dinner tonight and froze 7 more.
  • Made a chicken/pasta/vegetable soup for dinner tomorrow and lunches this week.
  • Cut up a head of lettuce and mixed with spinach leaves for lunches this week.
  • Made two dinners of baked spaghetti to freeze.

Yes, it took a few hours, but it will save me lots of time in the future!!! Hopefully, I will be able to make time like this every few weeks.

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