Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Few Firsts

I thought I would share a few firsts from the Mitchell household:
  • For the first time...Gavin slept in his crib last night! Well, that was the plan at least! He started out in the crib, but he didn't sleep that well. He wanted to eat every 2 hours. Halfway through the night we ended up putting him back in our room. I am hoping that it was a fluke and that tonight will go much better!
  • For the first time...Macie pooped in the bathtub! This is especially funny because Brian was giving her a bath. I heard him complain that she was stinking up the bathroom. The next thing I hear is "Oh God". I just started laughing because I knew instantly what had happened. He said, "What do I do?" He just started the bath over. To be honest, it caused some much needed laughter in the middle of a hectic evening. Something we will never forget!
  • For the first time...we had a family picnic at my new table outside! Tonight was another gorgeous, although windy day. I didn't get home until close to 5 so Brian decided to pick some food up on the way home. It was so nice to sit outside and eat dinner and I look forward to many more memories made at that very table!
One bench still needs to be finished, but the rest is done!

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