Saturday, April 3, 2010


Since we had freshly mowed grass, I wanted to let Gavin experience it for the first time. Last night was a perfect time because it was once again a gorgeous day! Brian and I took the kids for a walk and then Allie stopped by to drop off a picture cd. We took Macie out back to run a bit more before bedtime and put Gavin's feet in the grass. He wasn't a fan! As soon as his feet touched the grass, he picked them right up! I did sit him in the grass and he didn't seem to mind too much, but he definitely wasn't thrilled!
First touch
Look at those feet...he kept lifting them off the grass!
Such a big boy!
Aunt Allie showed Macie how to smell the flowers
I love this picture!
Macie thinks she is such a big girl because she can sit on the back step all my herself!

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