Sunday, April 18, 2010

"You're Going To Miss This"

We had another crazy weekend. At one point on Saturday, Brian, my dad, and Uncle Alan were outside in the backyard putting the playground together, I was getting a quick shower, Annie was watching the kids, I had yard sale stuff all over the kitchen table, pizza was being delivered, and the guy showed up to service our air conditioner unit...oops! Brian and I had forgotten about it so we had to drag the dryer into the middle of the kitchen floor. I started to get a little overwhelmed and Annie just looked at me and said, "This reminds me of that song, 'You're Going to Miss This' ". I just started laughing and thought that even though my life is crazy, I would miss it someday! Overall, the weather was beautiful and we were quite busy this weekend. Here is all that we accomplished this weekend:
  • Friday night we went to dinner with Rachel and Eric and then went to their house to see the baby's room.
  • Brian, my dad, and Uncle Alan built Macie's (and Gavin's) playground. They worked on it for 12 hours and there are still a few finishing touches to add. Crazy!
  • Annie was in town so we visited with her and she helped me watch the kids on Saturday.
  • Went for a walk with mom, Annie, the kids, and dogs.
  • I started cleaning out stuff for Jamie's yard sale. I found and priced 2 bags and 2 boxes.
  • I cleaned out and organized the kids clothes
  • We helped Allie move into her new house on Sunday.
  • Watched Macie run around and squeal with delight the first time she played on her new playground. (By far the most rewarding part of the weekend!)
This is the before...look at all of the pieces!
Here is the after!
Side view

She kept wanting to go up the slide!

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