Friday, May 28, 2010

Family Update

What has the Mitchell family been up to????

Macie's been doing a great job eating with a fork and a spoon! She even eats off of her plate sometimes!

Coupon Club - I started a Coupon Club. We had our first meeting on Tuesday, May 25th. There were nine people there so I thought we had a great turnout for the first meeting. I brought a ton of coupons to share with others. We basically talked about money saving ideas and where to find coupons and deals. We plan to meet once a month. I know there are several more people interested so we shall see how the group grows!
I brought all of these and others brought some too!

This morning, Macie woke up screaming. Brian went in there to check on her and found her on the floor!! She had pulled her changing pad into the crib and used it as a ramp to get to her beloved pap. When Brian found her she was crying and kind of in shock, but she had her 2 paps by the time she came into bed with us. She held them both up to me and said "tu" in between sobs. Luckily, she wasn't hurt! We are going to have to lower her bed the rest of the way tonight and make sure the changing pad is not within reach anymore!!!

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