Sunday, May 30, 2010

Girls Night Out

Last night I actually went out for a few hours with Allie and two of my cousins. Brian was bartending. He actually will be bartending every Saturday for 5 weeks in a row. Then, he will have at least 3 weeks off. Even though he is gone a lot, we are so grateful that he is able to bartend. The money is great, he loves it, and he is away from us less than when he worked at Arc. Anyway....Allie called me yesterday morning and told me that I couldn't say no to what she was going to say. My cousin, Andrea, was in town and they were going out for a drink later and she told me I was going. Allie even went "behind my back" and called my mom to see if she would babysit. Mom agreed to come to my house which was great because we didn't go until 7 and that is Macie's bed time. I wasn't going to spend any money but Allie insisted that I share an appetizer and drink one beer on her because we feed her all of the time. Now that Gavin is sleeping through the night, I am able to have a drink every now and then and it is so nice! The best part was getting to hang out with some girls and now worry about the kiddos. Even though our conversations often were about our kids, it was nice to be an adult again and not just a mommy! Thank you Allie and Mom for always helping out with the kids!!! I love you both very much!!!!!

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