Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Pops! Happy Mother's Day Grammie!

Last night we went to Sturgis to celebrate Pops' birthday and Mother's Day with Grammie. Pops' birthday was on Thursday so we combined both events. It was a great night. Everyone was able to be there. We ordered Sam's pizza which is a local favorite and I brought Lic's Choco Creams for dessert. We wiped out the food! We all went in together on both gifts this year. For Grammie, we had Allie take a picture of us and make a gallery wrap. It turned out great and Grammie was so excited about it! Pops has been wanting/needing a new gas grill. We all went in and bought him one for his birthday and Father's Day. He was also thrilled with is gift. Then, things got quite hectic. The guys started assembling the grill for Pops which ended up being quite an event. It took them over 2 hours. If they would have read the wouldn't have taken so long. The funniest part was when they couldn't figure out why things weren't fitting together and they realized they had a piece put on upside down. The piece was even labeled with an arrow and the word "up" showing which way the piece was supposed to go. We all got a good laugh out of that! Macie got to play dress up because Beth brought several bags of clothes that a friend of hers was selling. I ended up spending $17. She got 4 dresses, 4 shirts, and a pair of shoes. Not too bad! Aunt Beth even bought her a shirt! Overall, good food, family, and fun!!!
The look on Grammie's face says it all!!!
The gallery wrap
Pops on his new grill
Macie loves her Pops!
How many guys does it take to put together a grill?
Wil, John, Josh, and Brian
Macie wanted to help, too!
Playing dress up!
Macie read Uncle John a book
In honor of Pops' birthday, I dressed Gavin in a UK outfit. Of course, I put him in an IU sleeper to go home!
The finished product!

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Kelly said...

Oooh, I love that gallery wrap. Great idea!!! I love to do something with pictures for presents. They mean so much more:)
Looks like you guys had a fun family get together. If I was putting the grill together, it would have taken me longer than 2 hours to put it together!!!
Happy Mother's Day Abbie!!