Friday, May 21, 2010

Holy Rosary Summer Social

Tonight we met Rachel and Eric at the Holy Rosary Summer Social. They recently joined the parish and asked if we wanted to meet them at the social for dinner. Rachel is due next Saturday and we wanted to spend a little time with them before the baby comes. We were a little worried about the rain, but it held off and ended up being a very enjoyable evening. Macie ate a whole corn dog. It was the first time we have ever given her anything like that. She did really well with it. She also played some games for the first time and loved people watching. We took our chance at the Chinese Auction so we will see how that turns out. Brian and Eric both wanted to win a cake, but it didn't work out. Oh well...maybe next time! Gavin snoozed some, but was actually awake most of the time. He was just smiling and talking and taking everything in! We didn't leave until a little after 9 and Macie was starting to melt down. I guess it's our fault considering that is 2 hours past her bedtime! Overall it was a good time!
I think she was a little shocked we were giving her the whole thing! She wasn't quite sure what to do at first, but soon figured it out!

Digging in!
Gavin ate before we went so he had to chew on his hand!

Macie caught ducks in the net. She didn't have any trouble getting the net under them, but she couldn't pick the net up, so Mommy helped a little.
Picking her prize...she went for the bead necklace but when I showed her a ball she gladly traded.
Going fishing with Daddy
I thought this game was really cute. When the child put the pole into the pond, the people working put a prize on the end that fit their age.
She got a small stuffed cat named "Tabby". Eric said that he didn't realize there were catfish in the pond...ha ha ha!

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