Monday, May 17, 2010

Movie Night Monday

Tonight we had our first movie night Monday. Before Christmas, we watched a different Christmas movie almost every night. I wanted to start that up again and we decided that Mondays were the best night. We obviously won't do it every week, but we are going to try and do it as often as possible. Macie was so excited! I found two Mickey Mouse movies in my classroom and I brought them home. They were both less than 30 minutes and I thought that is all we would be able to handle at this time. I let Macie pick which one we would watch. She picked "The Prince and the Pauper". She was running around the house with the box squealing until it was time to watch the movie. I popped a bag of popcorn for Brian and I and made some tropical punch kool aid. I made Macie a little dish of whale crackers and a few torn up marshmellows. We had to watch the movie in our bedroom because that is the only place we have a vcr. When Brian went to take a picture, Macie started eating some of our popcorn and decided that she loved it. I was a little nervous about her eating it because she chokes on things so easily, but she didn't have any problems at all. In fact, she kept sneaking Brian's popcorn througout the movie! Macie made it through the movie, but barely. Another great family moment!

Sneaking popcorn

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Kelly said...

movie night sounds a like a great idea:)