Thursday, May 6, 2010


Macie understands the concept of 2! She can't pick out the number, but I think she understands what it means to have 2 of something. When I picked up Macie on Tuesday, my mom said that she pointed to 2 of something and said "tu". The next day Macie realized that there were two car seats at my mom's house and she got all excited and said "tu". Things have been crazy and I hadn't even had a chance to tell Brian about this yet, but when we were eating dinner tonight, she did it again. Brian and I both had an ice cream cone and when she realized it she pointed to both and squealed. I asked her, "How many are there", and she said, "tu". I thought Brian's jaw was going to hit the table. I'm not sure how she put all of this together, but Macie seems to amaze me each and every day! I love to watch her discover the world around her and the best part is, I get to watch Gavin discover the world too!

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