Sunday, June 6, 2010

Enjoying a beautiful day!

Today ended up being a beautiful day! After spending the morning running errands and grocery shopping, we spent the rest of the day in our backyard. I got out some sidewalk chalk for the first time. Macie got it in her Easter basket and we hadn't even opened it yet. We also played with bubbles. It was so windy that we could hold the wand out to make them. She had a blast, but she spent the most time in her swing. That girl could stay in her swing for hours! Gavin loved kicking and playing on his blanket in the shade. He also practiced sitting up. Brian grilled a pork steak for him and turkey breasts for me. It was delicious and we even have some turkey left over for salads tomorrow. After a fun day outside, we did our movie night because I will be gone tomorrow. What a fun day! I just love spending time with my family!

I love how you can see the bubbles in this picture!
Macie tried to blow bubbles too!
Getting stronger...

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