Sunday, June 13, 2010

Grams B's Birthday

On Friday, Grams B turned 86! We celebrated with a lunch today in a room at her apartment complex. It was a really nice setup and we are thinking about having Christmas there next year. It would make it easier on everyone, especially Grams B. We had a delicious lunch of fried chicken and all the fixins. Macie had a blast playing with her cousins and Gavin enjoyed being loved on. We took several pictures with Grandma. I am kind of bummed though because the one with her grandchildren didn't turn out. My picture was blurry and there was a window behind us so there was a huge glare on the picture. Hopefully someone else was able to get a good one. It was a short get together, but overall a lot of fun! We don't get together often enough on my Dad's side of the family so it is always good to catch up!
Angel face
Grams B with all of her great-grandkids. This was quite the chore to take, but no one was crying (at this point anyway)! Last year, Gavin wasn't in the picture and next year we will have another baby. My cousin, Jamie, is expecting her second at the beginning of December.
Grams B with her kids
Macie loved to play with Kaylee. I had a very hard time getting a picture where she would look at the camera!
I think this picture is so funny because it looks like Kaylee is choking Macie bu she was just trying to turn her face towards the camera. Look at Macie's can tell she looks up to Kaylee the way I looked up to Lori (Kaylee's mommy) when I was little.
Grams B with her cake. She LOVES sweets!
Aunt Dawn and Gavin
He was so chill the whole time!

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