Thursday, June 3, 2010


Horseshoe season is once again upon us! Tonight was the first night. Brian really enjoys hanging out with the guys, doing something competitive, and having a few beers. I went tonight because on the first night they have a big fish fry. My uncle makes fish, potato wedges, and onion rings. YUMMY!!! It was a challenge with the kids, but not as difficult as I thought. My parents brought the "cage" for Macie and that was a big help! I probably won't make it every week though because it is a lot of work for me. We will just have to base it on weather and how the kids are doing. I was proud of Brian because he started out the season with 4 wins!
Gavin is such a good baby!
Macie ate before we came but enjoyed some snacks and bites off of everyone's plates!
Macie loved to look through the fence into the neighbor's yard
Chunky Monkey

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