Monday, June 14, 2010

Well, there's a first time for everything!

Brian and I went to bed around 10 last night. I haven't been feeling or sleeping well lately, so I took some medicine. Usually when I take something, it pretty much knocks me out. Brian went to sleep right away and I was barely asleep when we heard Macie crying. It was kind of a pathetic cry, but Brian decided to investigate. The next thing I know, he is saying, "I think I'm going to need help....something is all over her crib and I don't know what it is." My first thought was a poopy explosion because that has happened before. Boy was I wrong! Instead, she had thrown up everywhere. And I mean everywhere! Brian looked at me like he had no idea what to do, but I guess mommy instinct started kicking in because I was like, get her in the tub. After we gave her a bath and cleaned her bed and got it ready for her to go back to sleep we laid her down. We weren't in bed for 10 minutes and she started crying again. You guessed it...she was throwing up again. I get up to help and Brian had already changed her and was starting to clean up the bed. We decided to cuddle with her on the couch for a while. I covered the couch with blankets so that if she got sick again it would be easier to clean up. Poor Brian hardly got any sleep. Around 5 we put her back in her bed and she slept until almost 9. She hasn't gotten sick again and I am praying that we have a much better day! This is the first time she has thrown up and I have to admit, this is one milestone I WASN'T looking forward to!

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