Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Tree

This afternoon, we went to a Christmas Tree farm that is owned by some of my family to pick out our Christmas tree. I love to get a real tree, but we haven't always been able too. Macie's first Christmas we did, but last year we didn't because I was hugely pregnant and I was afraid Macie would pull the tree down. Because it is Gavin's first Christmas, I insisted that we get a real tree. Macie was so excited! She wanted the very first tree that she saw! We ended up tagging a tree after we let Macie run around for a few minutes. I remember running around the trees when I was little, so I'm so glad that she got to do that today! We will pick up our tree in a few weeks!
"I want this one!"

Actually, Macie kept pointing to sticks and saying that she wanted that tree. It was quite funny!
A pic by our tree

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