Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Steps Evaluation

This afternoon, two therapists came to our house to do an evaluation on Gavin. They were looking at six areas of development: fine motor, gross motor, adaptive, cognitive, social-communication, and social. Basically, they sat on the floor and played with him. Gavin was in heaven! It is very rare for him to have three people focus all of their attention on him (I sent Macie to daycare). He was in a great mood and all smiles as usual. Although I haven't seen the official report, they did go over the results with me. He actually has a deficit in 4 of the 6 areas, but they are only recommending that he receive therapy for the gross motor deficit. Even though I was an Early Childhood Development major in college and I know a lot about child development, I still feel like I learned a lot today. I found out that his lower trunk muscles and leg muscles are very weak that he is making adaptations for it. That is actually the reason he curls in his feet so much. The gross motor deficits are also causing all of the other deficits. Long story short, next Tuesday I have a meeting to determine eligibility. Some time in the next week, I will receive a copy of the report. I also need to find a therapist. At the meeting we will set up a time/day/how often for therapy. They think probably once a week. Until therapy starts, they gave Gavin some homework. We have two exercises that we are supposed to do with him every day. I have to admit that while I am a little sad that there is something "wrong" with my precious little guy, I am also relieved to know that he is getting the help that I know he needed!

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The Broeker Family said...

Abbie, so happy that you got some answers and can get started with the therapy. I was going to call you this morning, but decided I'd check your blog first. Hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!