Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sturgis Thanksgiving

Yesterday was a crazy day! Every year on Black Friday, my sisters and I go shopping with my dad. My dad (who doesn't like shopping or crowds) loves to go shopping with us on this day. We get together around 7:30 or 8:00, go to a few stores, eat lunch (the highlight of the day), and then either shop more or go home. Annie had to work, but Brian was able to join us this year. We took the kids to daycare so they could be on a "normal" schedule. We went to Kohls, Target, and Gordmans. We got some GREAT deals! Surprisingly, the lines weren't bad at Kohls and we have a strategy when we go to Gordmans and Target. One or two people stand in line while the others shop. Then we trade off. It always seems to work out well. The good news is, we are completely done with all of our Christmas shopping! All gifts have been bought or made! Tonight, Brian has to bartend so I plan to wrap everything after the kids go to bed. I will be so relieved and excited to have this done! Next up...Christmas cards!
We picked up the kids around 2:30 and then headed to Sturgis to celebrate Thanksgiving with Brian's parents. We actually picked up some fried chicken and then Brian's mom made all of the sides. We had too many to count, but they were all delicious! She even sent leftovers home with us! We had a great visit! What a long and exhausting day!!
Aunt Katie was excited to get out her doll house from when she was little to show Macie
Macie was a bit overwhelmed, but loved it!

Gavin wanted in on the action!
Before we left, we tried to get a picture of the two...Macie was a little slap happy!

Next up...Christmas!!!

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