Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in Sturgis

After much debate, we decided to go to Sturgis on Christmas Eve to celebrate with Brian's family. Macie hadn't gotten sick since the night before, but she was still a little puny. When we got there, she was definitely overwhelmed. Everyone else was already there and they were very excited to see Macie and Gavin. Macie said, "Mommy carry me". She warmed up to Grammie quickly, but never was quite herself. In fact, during lunch she choked on her sandwich and got sick a little bit again. We had to change her out of her beautiful dress before nap time. While both kids napped, all of the adults opened their gifts. We did this last year and I really liked it because we could take our time and see what everyone got. Then when the kids woke up, it was all about them. Gavin did great with opening presents, but Macie not so much. I think it was a combination of her not feeling well and being overstimulated! Every time she opened something, she just wanted to play with it. She didn't want to put it down to open something else. She kind of did this at her birthday party so I think it is just the age. I ended up opening or helping her open most of her gifts. Macie and Gavin had about 10 gifts each! Not only did Grammie, Pops, and the aunts buy for them, but Uncle John, Noah, Camden, and some neighbors did too! Our Escape was loaded to the ceiling! They got so many amazing things and we are so grateful that our kiddos are so loved!
Macie standing by her BIG gift from Uncle John
Santa Baby
Grammie and Macie
She got to open her gift from Uncle John before lunch because he had to go back to work
A new chair!!
Gavin liked the chair too!
Look at all of those gifts! That's not even including the gifts from Uncle John!
Daddy helped Gavin, but he did great!
Macie got a new doll from Grammie and Pops

Stocking Time!
The best gifts I'll ever be given!

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Holly said...

I love LOVE Macie's dress! Sometimes I wish I was having a girl so I could dress her in adorable clothes!