Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Lights

After dinner and baths tonight, we went to the Fantasy of Lights again and to the 4H fair grounds. One of my students gave me a free pass so we had to use it up. I think Macie enjoyed it more this time than the first time we went! She was talking the entire time and telling us everything she saw. Gavin was also awake this time and babbling from the back seat. There were two moments that melted Brian and I. First, Macie usually calls Santa "Ho Ho". Tonight, she saw him and said, "Hi Santa" in her sweet little voice. Then, as we were leaving, she said, "I hold Dadin's hand". Brian and I look back and the kids' arms are stretched out and they are holding hands. Way too sweet! Of course, I didn't have my camera and Macie kept saying, "Mommy, tamwa". Moments like these are what life is all about!

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