Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas with Nanny and Papaw

This afternoon, we went to Madisonville to do Christmas with Brian's Nanny and Papaw. We won't be able to make it on Christmas this year, so we did a quick trip today. Papaw is in a nursing home. We don't make it often enough to see him. In fact, he hadn't met Gavin yet because the last time we were in Madisonville, Papaw was sick and we didn't want to take the kids there. Papaw was so excited to see us he cried tears of joy! When we got there, Papaw was eating his lunch. They brought him an extra bowl of pudding, so Nanny fed it to Gavin and Macie. I don't know who enjoyed it more...Nanny or the kids! We gave Nanny and Papaw a Christmas card, ornament, and a family picture. Nanny made most of our gifts. She made me a casserole carrier, Gavin a bear, and Macie a shirt. She gave Brian a bottle of cologne. Macie was a little freaked out by all of the people roaming the hallways and I can't say that I blame her! Everyone thought the kids were adorable and I have to agree! After a nice visit, we headed home. Hopefully, we will be able to visit again soon!

I was going to take this picture but a nurse offered to so that I could be in it

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