Monday, December 20, 2010

Indy Trip

Brian, Gavin, and I made a trip to Indy today. Gavin had an appointment with his pediatric dermatologist. Gavin did so well in the car and was all smiles at his appointment. We did stop at feeding times and let him stretch a bit. We even got there a bit early and found a carpeted area where he could move around. Dr. Haggstrom said that his birthmarks don't have anything to do with his gross motor deficits. She did recommend that we look into his sacral dimple a little more to rule that out completely. He may need an MRI, but we aren't sure yet. She also commented on his dry skin and said that we should stop using baby wash and buy Dove Sensitive Skin instead...good to know! We will go back in six months and then should be able to do yearly visits after that. She still thinks that he won't experience any pain or complications until puberty. Overall, it was a long, but nice day. Gavin is such a good baby and it almost seemed like a vacation with just him! Several people commented on how cute and adorable he was and it was good to focus all of our attention on him for once!
Macie had a great day with Grandma. They went to CMOE and out to lunch at Grandys. She was very wound up when we picked her up tonight. Tomorrow will be nice to stay home all day. Gavin's therapist will be here at 7:45am, but other than that it should be a relaxing (if that's possible with 2 small children) day at home!
Eating crackers at lunchtime
Waiting to be called for our appointment

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