Monday, December 6, 2010

Keelin's Birthday Party

Sunday afternoon, we celebrated Keelin's 4th birthday. They served a yummy lunch of pigs in a blanket, salads, chips, and, most importantly, cake! Macie and Gavin were very well behaved considering the party was during nap time!
Gavin and Keelin's little sister, Emmy, bonded!
Macie thought she was big stuff to color with marker at the table with the big girls!
Look at that cake! Keelin wanted a princess cake and boy did she get it!
Keelin was in awe!
Macie didn't care what it looked like...she just wanted to eat it!
Macie's art project
My two favorite men!
We got Keelin an ice cream play dough set. She was so excited because she had been wanting that!

Happy Birthday Keelin!

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