Thursday, December 23, 2010


Today has been a crazy busy day... Brian worked half a day and then he spent the rest of the day running errands and helping keep the kiddos busy. I've been busy making food and doing last minute preparations for the next two days. We decided to go to Crazy Buffet with Allie for dinner. Gavin was a champ...eating anything and everything we would put on his mat. Macie was a different story. She didn't want to eat much and was a little whiny. We thought she was just being a stink, but Allie and I both commented how we hope that she wasn't getting sick. At one point, she said she had to pee so I rushed her to the bathroom. Luckily, she made it and went in the potty. She was so proud of herself, she told everyone in the restaurant on the way back to our seat. She got a lot of smiles and chuckles! At the end of dinner, Macie went to sit on Aunt Allie's lap. That's when all hell broke loose! She threw up all over Allie, the floor, and then Brian. I was MORTIFIED!! Here we are, in the middle of the restaurant, and Brian, Macie, and Allie are covered, the smell is unbearable, people are staring, I'm trying to throw everything in the bag, put Gavin's coat on him, and get the hell out of dodge! I kept apologizing over and over to the waitress. She just smiled and said it would be OK. Looking back, I know that we didn't leave her a big enough tip! We ran out of the place, put Macie straight in the bath when we got home, and cleaned all of the clothes. Unfortunately, Macie got sick again before going to bed. The sweetest moment of the day though was that she let me rock her to sleep. I can't tell you the last time I did that. I didn't intend to put her to sleep, but as I was singing, she conked out. Now Christmas plans are on hold....was it something she ate or is she contagious?? This Christmas is just screwy! I'm hoping for the best and praying that it isn't a gloomy Christmas at home.

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