Monday, December 27, 2010

Out with the Old and In with the New

The kids got so much stuff for Christmas that I knew it was time to clean out their toys and get rid of some things. I'd planned on doing that one day this week when I sent the kids to daycare, but when I woke up yesterday morning and looked around, I changed my mind! Our house was a complete disaster with bags, boxes, toys, and presents everywhere! I started opening every toy so that Brian could get all of the trash out front. Then, I just started cleaning everything out and reorganizing. We ended up getting rid of three trash bags and a box of toys to donate. It feels so good to have control of our house again! Our Christmas decorations are still up, but I'll tackle that another day. Besides the toys, I hung up some pictures of Gavin in our kitchen using the new frames my parents got me and Brian went to Walmart to get a new wii game. Even though I'm happy I cleaned out all of the toys, I know that Gavin's birthday is about a month away and we will be getting more stuff. Hopefully, he will get clothes instead of toys!
Macie was "trying to help" Daddy put a new toy together
Gavin was all smiles with his new toys! He now has LOTS of cars!

New alphabet mat
Toys to donate

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