Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Phone calls, Emails, and Mail

Our kids have gotten many special treats and messages lately! Last week, Macie got a phone call from Mickey Mouse! When you ask her what he said, she always says, "Hiya pal! Merry Christmas!" Macie was so excited and a little bit in shock. The look on her face was priceless!

Today, Santa sent Macie a video message. He told her that he knew there was a new addition in our house this last year and that he was proud of her for being a good girl. He also told her that she would have to wait and see how good she was on Christmas morning. Once again, Macie was thrilled and shocked!

Tonight, Aunt Allie stopped by to give Gavin a card. It is his first Christmas and it was nice of her to give him a card. Then in the mail, Macie and Gavin each had a card from Grandpa and Grandma. Macie's card even had some stickers inside. Our kiddos sure are loved!
Gavin opening his card from Aunt Allie

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