Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wolf Christmas

Even though she was feeling a bit better, Macie still wasn't 100% when we left Sturgis. Brian and I knew that the best decision for her would be to go home and rest up so that she would be better on Christmas Day. Plus, we didn't want to expose anyone else if there was something going on. Brian told Gavin and I to go ahead out to my Aunt and Uncle's house. I felt bad leaving him, but I had to take the gifts to the kids that Macie and Gavin got gifts for. Brian decided to keep his guy gift for himself (he wanted it) and have a drink at home. The Wolf Christmas was kind of screwy anyway. My Grandma fell and broke her femur a few weeks ago and is still recovering at Health South. We always have Christmas at her house and we didn't want to do it without her. Everyone had different ideas as to what we should do. My uncle said that we could get together at his house. We only did the cousin exchanges. Gavin got some cars and a little people truck. He also got an outfit from my godparents. Our godson, Leland, got us the cutest gift. He got Brian UK socks and me IU socks. We have a big rivalry in our house so I thought it was awesome! I took Macie's gifts home so she could open them Christmas morning. She got a my little pony that comes with a bottle and some Elmo pjs. She LOVES her pony and carries it everywhere right now! Even though it wasn't the same, Gavin and I did have fun. He is such a trooper. We didn't leave until 9 (two hours past his bedtime) and he didn't fuss once! Hopefully, when we get together at Grandma's house, both of my kiddos will be healthy!
On the way there, it started snowing like crazy. My uncle lives on a curvy, windy road and I was a little freaked out! On the way home, I took my sweet time so that I could bring my precious cargo home safely!

Grandpa or Santa??
Following in Grandpa's footsteps??

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