Friday, January 21, 2011

2nd Child Syndrome

I promised that I would make at least 4 scrapbooks for each child: pregnancy, hospital, 1st year, and 1st birthday party. Of course, I kept up with all of Macie's scrapbooks and had the first three done and on display at her first birthday party. I wanted to do the exact same for Gavin. Well, I have his pregnancy, hospital, and only about a month of his 1st year done and his party is a little over 2 weeks away! EEEK!!! I have a lot done for his party (place booked, I made invites and a banner) and I plan to finish up everything for it next weekend. However, I HAVE TO GET HIS SCRAPBOOK DONE!!! I broke down the other night because I couldn't believe I've let so much time pass and I haven't scrapbooked. I love to do it and it just seems there isn't enough time. I finally ordered half of the pictures that I need and wrote up a list of most of the pages I need to do. Thank goodness I keep up with the blog. That is the only way I will be able to go back and remember details of what happened. So in true Abbie fashion, I've created a to do list and plan to get his book finished:
  • Friday - edit/order rest of pictures; create a list of pages I want to make
  • Saturday/Sunday - make as many pages as I possibly can while hanging out at home with the kids (Thanks to my wonderful husband); hopefully complete the first 6 months.
  • Monday-Friday - do one months worth of pages a night
  • Saturday - Finish book
  • Sunday - wrap up any finishing touches/ plan the rest of his party!

Maybe if I blog about it, I will hold myself accountable and get it done!!!

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Kelly said...

Good luck Abbie!! I totally know what it's like to get behind on fact, I'm behind now!!:)).