Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Anniversary! Happy New Year!

Yesterday was Brian and I's 3rd Anniversary. I honestly don't know where the time has gone! We started out the morning meeting my dad for breakfast at Carousel. Then, we took the kids to Sturgis so they could spend the night with Grammie and Pops. After dropping them off, Brian and I headed back to Evansville so that we could go to lunch at Red Lobster. We had our very first date there and we've gone there on every one of our anniversaries. Since Brian didn't have to work, we thought we would go earlier to beat the crowd. It was still very busy and I'm sure they stayed that way all day! Brian and I were so full from eating, but we had to go grocery shopping. We never take the kids on our big grocery trips if we can avoid it. It was nice to get that done even though Walmart was crazy too!

After grocery shopping, we came home, unpacked the food, and got ready for the party at Allie's. I talked Allie into having a New Year's party with us. We invited a lot of people (over 50) and many people acted like they were going to come, but it ended up being only 10 of us. We still had a GREAT time! We ate yummy food, drank a bit, played lots of games, and laughed and laughed! We actually played six different games throughout the night (Last Word, Dirty Minds, Things, Cuponk, Just Dance, and bowling on the wii), but the best ones were Cuponk and Just Dance. Both were hilarious and VERY entertaining! By the time midnight came, we were all getting tired and just said Happy New Year without much hoopla. Brian and I ended up going to bed around 2:00 am...way past my bed time! I was so tired this morning but very ready to go pick up the kids. They were equally excited to see us. When we got there, the kids had more gifts to bring home. Brian's Mamaw, Papaw, and two of his aunts brought gifts for our family. It is January and we are still doing Christmas!

Brian concentrating on Cuponk

Brian and Drew were very into dancing to a New Kids On The Block song!


Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

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Happy Anniversary!