Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Developments

Big Boy: Gavin's physical therapy is really paying off! He is pulling up to his knees everywhere and has even "walked" on his knees while pushing something across the floor. He is also now going from laying to sitting on his own on a regular basis. As I've said before, it is SO exciting to see him doing all of these things! Lately, Gavin has also wanted us to pick him up and hold him a bit more. Gavin never has been a super cuddly so I take any opportunity to love on him that I can!

Aghh!!: On a not so good note, Macie has been pretty unbearable lately! She cries all of the time, is clingy, and not eating so well. The crazy thing is, she doesn't do this at daycare, only at home. It is really taking a toll on Brian and I. We don't know if she is sick (ear infection or something) or just going through a stage. Whatever it is, we can't take much more of it! Brian and I are trying to be patient and firm, but it is tough!

Stockpile: We are officially building a stockpile of personal care and non perishable items! Brian has made 4 trips to Rite Aid in the last week (way more than will be typical) and we've spent a little more than $7 to get close to $200 of product! We are now stocked up on shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toilet paper, kleenex, cereal, rice, and much more. We are starting the year off to a good start! Our goal is to lower our grocery budget to $100 every two weeks. That would give us $50 more to put towards debt each month. It is challenging and a little bit of work, but it pays off!

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