Monday, January 3, 2011

Potty Training Break Thru and More

Last night we had a potty training break thru...Macie went all night being dry! She woke up twice saying she needed to go potty and Brian took her (thanks daddy). I can't believe that she did that! We aren't throwing away the pull-ups just yet, but we are on our way!

Macie is always saying, or doing, something that cracks us are a few of her latest antics:
  • Daddy's Princess - Macie is quite the Daddy's girl lately. She always says that she is "Mommy's Girl" and "Daddy's Princess". The other day when we picked her up from Sturgis, I told her I missed her and asked if she missed me too. She said, "Uh huh...I missed Daddy too" Then I said, "Macie, guess who loves you? Mommy does." She said, "My daddy loves me too" Finally, this morning, Brian was trying to get a shower and asked Macie to cuddle with me. She said, "No, I cuddle with Daddy". She loves that guy!
  • Tonight, Macie was on the potty and she randomly held a fake hamburger bun to her ear and said, "Hey Dadin, Guess what, My mommy's cracking me up" I lost it!
  • She is constantly calling Gavin "my brother". I personally don't like bubby so we've been saying your brother this, your brother that. Now, she says it ALL of the time. It is so sweet!


Krystyn said...

We are doing the potty training thing, too! Our youngest (10/13/08)seems pretty close to the same age as night time breakthroughs for us, though!

So glad it's going well for you all.

The Mitchell Family said...

They have the exact same birthday!