Sunday, January 30, 2011

Presents Galore!

We took two presents to Beth's Shower and came home with a car full! How in the world is that possible???? Well, the kids got Christmas presents from several of Brian's family members we hadn't seen yet and Gavin got a few early birthday presents. The madness never ends! As crazy as it is, it is an absolute blessing! The kids both got more outfits and Macie got her Christmas dress for next year! She also got a big storage container with eight new dress up outfits. Brian also got an early birthday gift from his electric razor! Macie was very overwhelmed with all of the people (plus it was nap time) so she didn't open any of her gifts until we got home. It was fun to look through everything and open the presents at home. THANK YOU TO EVERY ONE WHO SPOILS MY CHILDREN ROTTEN!!!
All of the goodies
The dress up clothes

Macie went to town opening her Little People bus!

Gavin did so well opening his gifts too! In a few short days, he will be opening more gifts for his birthday!
Gavin got the Little People plane
We love Little People stuff!

The best part....eating the paper!
Look at all of those new bracelets!

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