Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rite Aid Deals of the Week

As you've probably figured out by now, we are always looking for a good deal. Brian has taken Rite Aid by storm and he is having so much fun doing it. Brian, Beth, and his mom have been planning out their trip to Rite Aid for several days now. Today, they all went (to different stores in the cities they live in) to get some amazing deals. I have to say it is a little bit crazy, but when you see how much it pays off, I don't know why we didn't do it before!
Here is what Brian got:
  • 4 - Colgate Total Advantage Toothpastes
  • 8 - Jif Peanut Butters (4 Crunchy, 4 Creamy)
  • 10 - Edy's Ice Cream
  • 2 - Right Guard Deodorants
  • 1 - Johnson's Baby Oil
  • 2 - 32oz Gatorade
  • 2 - Afrin Nasal Spray
  • 2 - Coricidin
  • 2 - Oberto Beef Jerky
  • 1 - Gillete Pro Glide Razor
  • 1 - Chex Mix
  • 2 - Chili and Bean Bowls
  • 2 - 48 Count Small Dixie Plates
  • 3 - Bounty Basic

Regular shelf Rite Aid prices would have totaled: $167.30

Total Cost out of pocket: $4.42
That's a savings of over 97%!!!


Coomes Family said...

How did he save so much?

The Broeker Family said...

WOW! That's amazing! I've always been confused by the "drugstore game". Brian is going to have to give me a lesson. So, are you bringing ice cream to school??

Natalie Pickerill said...

I want a lesson too! That is awesome!

Kelly said...

That is seriously a good way of course:). I am totally jealous! If I make my grocery list, will your husband go shopping for me?

Coupon Thief said...

Oh my...are you serious Dude?

Thats insane!!

The Mitchell Family said...

I'm sure that Brian would love to give you all a lesson! I'm still in awe of it all to be honest!