Wednesday, February 16, 2011

$7 a Day

The other night, Brian and I figured out that we feed our family of four for $7.14 a day! We eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home and I think that's incredible! The only exceptions to this are that the kids eat lunch at daycare and our amazing deals come from our "blow" money. That would still only put us at a few more cents a day. It's just crazy to think that we spend so little and are eating plenty!

In other news: Gavin had his speech evaluation today. Long story short, he originally qualified for "speech" therapy during his first evaluation because of his social communication deficit. We didn't start the therapy because physical therapy was more important at the time. I was under the impression that if I wanted to add any other therapies, all I had to do was make a phone call. Well, things changed in the last two months and he had to have another evaluation done in order to start the therapy. The good thing is, they were able to see where he is at 1 and he definitely has deficits. The therapist said today that she wasn't really concerned about him not saying words, but the fact that he doesn't communicate any of his wants or needs to us. She gave us a list of homework to do until therapy starts. Next up: we will have to find a therapist, have a meeting where I fill out paperwork, and determine when/how often he will have therapy.

Frustration: Gavin was scheduled for a MRI tomorrow...I made countless phone calls to set up this appointment, had three different phone interviews (pre-registration, health history, payment options), Brian and I both took off work, I made sub plans, we made arrangements for Macie....and they called me at 2:00 this afternoon and told me they had to reschedule the appointment. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! I just started crying on the phone. Call me crazy, but I've already invested so much time and emotional energy into this and I have to do it all over again! When they called me today, I found out that the MRI of his spine would take almost 2 hours. I thought that seemed like an extremely long time. He will be put to sleep and I'm so nervous about that. Well, they have to add on doing the MRI on his head and legs. Therefore, it will take almost 4 hours! They didn't decide to add that until today, so there wasnt enough time allotted. The point is, I should hear tomorrow when they are going to reschedule it and I'm totally bummed and upset. AGHHH!!!

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