Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fun Fest

Last night, we went to Fun Fest at Holy Spirit. We'd been telling Macie about it for a few days and she was so excited to eat pizza and play games at Mommy's work! I took the kids and had Brian meet us there. We ate dinner (pizza, nachos, hot dogs). Macie had a hot dog even though she'd been talking about pizza all day. Then, we played a few games. We only bought 6 tickets for Macie and that was more than enough! She played a few games: sucker pull, the bozo game (I'm not sure of the official name), and diving for pearls. She had a blast! She even got a few prizes and was able to turn in her tickets for a blow up microphone. Daddy and Macie also put some tickets in the Luck of the Draw and they won two books and a hat. One is a monkey book and one is Dora so it is a perfect fit for Macie and Gavin. The kids don't know they won them yet, so we will give the books to them after nap. Gavin had a good time but it was all a bit overwhelming because there were a LOT of people there. Around 6, Brian and the kids went home and I stayed to help work in the concession stand. When I got home, Brian showed me a video he took of Macie singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" in her microphone. Too cute! I love going to fun fest because it is a cheap family fun night!

She didn't quite get the point of standing behind the line...oh well maybe next year!

This was her favorite game! She had to dig in the packing peanuts and find the "pearl" (plastic egg with a prize in it). She found a bracelet and some other eggs.
Mr. Masterson was kind enough to help her!

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