Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gavin's 1st Birthday Bash

As I said in the last post, Gavin's party was a success! We had a great turn out, there was more than enough food, Gavin got lots of presents, and he had a great time! We were blessed with many outfits and toys to take home. Gavin even stayed and helped open most of his gifts! The cake was the best part for me! Gavin carried on the Mitchell 1st birthday tradition by devouring his cake with no prompting! He ate the WHOLE thing! As typical Gavin...he was in a great mood the whole party even though I could tell he was a bit overwhelmed. After cake, Daddy gave Gavin a bath in the sink while I started cleaning up. Thankfully, we had lots of help and Allie even followed us home to help bring all of the gifts!
We were all excited about Gavin's party, but Macie was especially pumped! I'd been prepping her for weeks about Gavin's birthday. I told her that Gavin was going to get presents because it was his birthday and she wasn't. But that was OK, because she would get some cake. We talked all about his party, who would be there, and how much fun it would be. We've learned that if we prep her for what is happening, she handles things so much better. I couldn't have been prouder of my little girl! She was one of the best behaved kids at the party! She hung out with Grammie and Aunt Katie most of the time. She ate plenty of m&ms, but she didn't run around and didn't mess with Gavin when he was opening his presents. A few people broke my rule and brought her a gift anyway. After all of the hoopla, I let her open them. She was so excited about her new panties, sippy cup, and juice boxes!
Thanks to everyone who came in help us celebrate our little guys first birthday! A special thanks to everyone who helped out in any way!
Family Photo
Love those big brown eyes!

Look at all of those presents!
Aunt Allie went all out with her present!
Tissue Paper!!!
I wonder what's in there?

King of the Presents!
Mommy telling Macie how proud she is that Macie was SOO well behaved during the party!
Happy Birthday to Gavin!
Are you really letting me touch this?
Macie thought it was so funny that her "bwudda" was getting cake everywhere!
Are you watching me?
Love the face!
Still eating even though Mommy took the cake away! Bath time! Aunt Allie with the Birthday Boy

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