Sunday, February 27, 2011

Magical Birthday

Today was Brian's Magical Birthday...he turned 27 on the 27th! We didn't have anything extravagant planned, but I tried to make the day special for Brian. He got to sleep in (a tiny bit) while I cleaned up the house and took care of the kiddos. Then, he went to Rite Aid. He hadn't planned on this, but then realized he could get a few deals. The trip ended up being better than he expected and he came home with four bags of stuff for a little over a dollar! When he got home, we all got ready for the day. Then, we stopped to pick up a paper before we went to lunch at Red Robin. We haven't been there in a long time and it was SOOO good! My mom, dad, Allie, and Grams B joined us. We even ended up sitting next to Miss Julie (the kid's babysitter) and her family! The funniest part was when the waiter brought out Brian a sundae. He sang him a little song. We all got a kick out of that!
After lunch, everyone came over to our house for dessert, presents, and to talk about our upcoming trip to Florida. Brian opened his presents first because Macie was so excited about them! He got two boxes of Girl Scout cookies (Annie couldn't believe we hadn't bought any this year), two pairs of shorts, a t-shirt, and gift cards (Target and Rural King). Considering his parents had already given him a razor and his sister bought him a shirt, he did pretty well! The kids napped while we ate dessert. I made Oreo cookie bars and we had chocolate ice cream. We also planned out some of our Florida trip and wrote down who was going to bring what. We will be there in less than three weeks and I can't wait!
Allie stayed for dinner. We had Honey Mustard Chicken and salad with vanilla pudding for dessert. Allie left soon after and I crashed. I hadn't been feeling well all day because when I woke up my left wrist was hurting so badly I couldn't take it anymore. Brian convinced me to take some pain meds which knocked me out for an hour or two. He cleaned up all of the dinner mess, put the kids to bed, did laundry, and packed lunches....on his birthday. I felt so bad:( He woke me up to watch Amazing Race and then we went back to bed. Hopefully, Brian's "Magical" Birthday was a good one!
Happy Birthday Brian! We love you very much!!!
Brian spent $1.33 at Rite Aid and got all of this!

Macie just wanted the bows!

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Holly said...

Happy Belated Birthday Brian!

I'm so glad Evansville has a Red Robin now. Alan and I love that place!