Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mesker Park Zoo

We decided to get a zoo pass this year with some of our tax return. I thought I would get a lot of use out of it this spring and summer. We were able to get a pretty good deal too (you know that's a perk for me!). We only had to get a couple's pass because the kids are free anyway. Allie also decided to get a pass so we added hers to ours and we split the cost. We were able to get the pass for $41. If we go a total of three times, it pays for itself and we already went once! They didn't actually have the passes ready when we left the zoo, so we had to get temporary passes until they come in the mail.
On Saturday, Allie invited us to go to the zoo with her. We were going to go in the morning, but it was still too cold so we went in the afternoon. Macie had a blast because she got to run around the zoo and didn't have to be in the stroller most of the time. I think her favorite animal was a lemur. She kept making monkey noises! Gavin was not feeling very well because of his molars popping through, so he vegged out in the stroller. One of my favorite moments was that they tiger was roaming around and roaring at us. It was cool for Macie to get to actually hear the animal make the sounds we always talk about! We had a GREAT time and I look forward to going back. We had some funny moments...I'll let the pictures tell all!
Anxiously waiting to go into the zoo. She wouldn't let the baby stay in the car!
There were a lot of people in Amazonia checking out the orchid exhibit
Daddy and Gavin
Macie was in awe of the giraffe!
We were up close and personal with the rhino!
Every time we would squat, so would Macie

Gavin stayed in the stroller a lot of the time, but we had to get him out for a picture!
Macie had to help Daddy out of the cave!

We thought this goat was so funny because it was just standing in the doorway. I happened to take a picture...
Then I turned around to take this picture and noticed a shocked look on Brian's face...
...the goat took off charging at us and jumped up on the fence between Allie and I. We were taken a back to say the least!

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