Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Presents at Home

Gavin had a great 1st Birthday! He started out the day cuddling in bed with us. I sang "Happy Birthday" to him before we had to get up and get ready. I'd planned to make sugar cookies to send to daycare, but last night we realized that we didn't have enough flour. Brian picked up some cake donut holes on the way instead. After school, I picked up the kids and we headed home for a few special treats before Daddy got off work. At home, Gavin got to eat the two remaining donut holes and he drank some milk. Then, he opened a card from Grammie and Pops and one from Nanny and Papaw. Grammie and Pops' card had an Elmo balloon attached. It was a big hit! Nanny and Papaw's card had $2 in it. It went straight into his piggy bank! I was pretty impressed because Gavin ripped open the cards with very little assistance!
After opening the cards, we played a bit until Daddy got home. Then it was time to open the gift from us before we went to dinner. He was way more thrilled with the tissue paper than he was the actual gift. It wasn't too exciting...two Colt's jerseys (one for this year and next) and four other short sleeved shirts for spring and summer. As soon as he was done opening, we all loaded up and headed to Chuck-E-Cheese!

"My 1st Birthday"
Yummy donut holes!

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