Thursday, February 24, 2011


So there has been a lot going on lately:
  • Gavin's MRI has been rescheduled for Tuesday, March 1st. It is scheduled to begin at 9:30, which is a lot better than before. We have to be there 2 hours before it starts. They told me it could last up to 5 HOURS!! How come the time keeps increasing? I'm praying for a shorter time because that is going to be one of the longest days of my life! The plan is for Brian to take Macie to daycare and my mom to pick up Gavin and I. We will meet Brian at the hospital. My mom is off that day, so it will be nice to have someone to help out if we need it and possibly pick up Macie. Pray that all goes well and that I stay sane! I'll post after the MRI and when we actually hear some results.
  • Monday afternoon, I had a meeting with Gavin's First Steps Coordinator to review his physical therapy (PT) goals and fill out paperwork for him to start seeing a developmental therapist (DT) for his communication delays. I am happy to report that he has met several of his PT goals even though he still has a lot to work on. We added a few things, but our big goal of walking stayed the same. Melissa, his physical therapist, said that she doesn't have a crystal ball, but that he would probably be walking by this summer. That is great news! As far as DT, we set goals of communicating choices to us, pointing to familiar objects in books, and saying a few words. Along with many others. We picked a therapist and are set to begin next Friday. It didn't work out for either of us to start this week. Even though it will be hectic having therapy two nights a week, Brian and I both know that it is in the best interest of Gavin to do all of this now. I'll let you know how is first session goes next week!
  • Brian and I are going to be an aunt and uncle before we know it! Brian's sister, Beth, is going to pop any day now! We can't wait to meet baby Parker!

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Kelly said...

Those sound like good goals to me:). I'll be praying for Gavin next Tuesday!!...and his momma:)