Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend we actually didn't have anything on the calendar. We had a lot we wanted to get done, but nothing had an actual time. Brian stayed home with the kids on Friday because they were still snotty and couldn't stop coughing. We thought it was best to keep them home. It was a good thing we did because Gavin fussed and cried most of the day which is SO not like him. Brian even get few things done when the kids were "napping". He installed a new faucet in the kitchen sink! On Saturday, we hung around the house all morning. In the afternoon, we headed to Owensboro to see Beth and Wil's new house. We had a nice visit and even had a bonus...Grammie and Pops were there too! There house is really nice and I'm sure we will be back to visit once Parker arrives! Saturday night, we went to eat at a new Chinese restaurant. It was OK at best, but we had a good dinner with Aunt Allie. We spent the rest of the evening playing and putting the kids to bed.
This morning, Gavin and I went over to Allie's house for his 12 month photo shoot. He did great as always. Then, we came home for lunch and nap. Before we laid the kids down, I let them open their Valentine cards that came in the mail from Grandpa and Grandma. The kids didn't nap at all, so we just dropped them off at my parents. They were going to spend the afternoon with Grandpa and Grandma while Brian and I went on a date and grocery shopping. We used the last of our gift cards to eat at Red Lobster. It was our early Valentine's Day treat. The food was yummy as always and we had some to take home! After shopping, Brian dropped me off so that I could unload the groceries and start dinner. He went to pick up the kids. Macie was so exhausted from all of the fun she had, she crashed right before they got home. We laid her down for a bit, but woke her up to eat. I knew that she had to eat something. Even though she was VERY cranky during dinner, she managed to help me make heart shaped sugar cookies to take to her friends at daycare tomorrow. After baths and playtime, the kids didn't argue one bit about bedtime! Brian and I are catching up on some shows as I type. We had a great weekend!

Macie is really into wearing my headbands. It is too funny!
Macie loves to walk around in my shoes!
Macie loved to cuddle with Aunt Beth on Saturday!

Macie reading her card

Gavin checking out his card from Grandpa and Grandma

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