Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Wednesday afternoon we drove about 40 minutes to get to Apalachicola. It is a small town with some little shops. We walked around a bit and ate some gelato. It was so good! We didn't stay as long as everyone else because the kids couldn't really go into the shops and they were starting to melt down. When we got back to the beach house, we laid the kids down for a nap and Brian and I started cooking dinner. It was our turn. We baked and shredded some chicken the night before so we could heat it up in bbq sauce. We also made homemade potato wedges, broccoli, and peach cobbler. We put the bbq chicken over the potatoes and topped it with cheese...yum! Dinner was delicious if I do say so myself! After the kids were in bed, Brian and I took a walk on the beach by ourselves. It was really nice to have a few minutes alone. I'm so grateful that we had family with us who could (and were willing) to help us with our kiddos when we needed it!
Macie wore her sunglasses everywhere!

Brian found this sign in one of the shops and thought it was perfect for me!

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