Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cape San Blas

Our Spring Break vacation began on Saturday, March 19th at 2:00 am. Brian and I packed most of the car Friday night before he went to bed. Then we got up, showered, packed the last few things and loaded the kids in the car. We met my parents at their house at 3:00 and we were off. We'd been planning a family vacation to Cape San Blas, Florida for over a year. My mom, dad, and sisters went with us. We rented a house about a minute from the beach (literally) and we had a GREAT time! It took us 14 hours to get there even though the actual drive was closer to 11 hours. We hoped the kids would sleep a lot in the car, but that wasn't really the case. We got the kids bags for Christmas and I had packed them with new movies, books, and other surprises they had never played with before. We were also loaded down with snacks...of course! We had to stop for meals, potty breaks, and leg stretches, but the kids did pretty well. We had a few stretches (ok, the last full hour was screaming in the car), but we survived! For breakfast we stopped at McDonalds and we were cracking up because there was a truck in the parking lot with roosters in the back. For lunch, we stopped at Jim and Nick's BBQ and it was delicious! We finally arrived a little after 5:00 and the kids were starving! We quickly walked thru the house, figured out the rooms, set up the pack-n-plays, and headed to eat. We ate a Joe Mama's Wood Fired Pizza. It was delicious and we had some awesome wings and a mushroom pizza. After dinner, we headed back to the beach house. The kids passed out in the car immediately and we put them to bed as soon as we got back. Then, Brian, Allie, Annie, and I took a quick walk down to the beach. We wanted to see how far it was and put our feet in the ocean. The water was a bit cold but we were so excited to finally be there! After our walk, we played a game and went to bed. We were exhausted! More to come about our week soon!
Macie and I put on our last sticker on before we left Look how white those feet and legs are...they need sun ASAP!!
Daddy and Gavin at dinner

Macie was so happy to stretch her legs!!

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