Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 2 - Monday

The plan for Monday was to spend the whole day at the beach and we did just that. We went a few hours in the morning, came back to the house for lunch and naps (well neither one really napped), and headed back to the house around 3. Because we were going to be there all day, we brought a pop-up canopy, cooler, and chairs. The canopy was perfect and Gavin spent a lot of time in the shade. We played in the sand and took walks down the beach. When we were walking, we noticed there were shallow pools of water a short distance from where we were. We brought the kids down there and they had a good time splashing and playing in the water. When we came back in the afternoon, I noticed that Allie was sitting way down by the water in a beach chair with the water splashing on her. I thought she looked a bit crazy, but this ended up being my FAVORITE part of the whole trip. I sat in her chair for a bit and it was so relaxing and perfect for me. I don't really like being in the ocean because it freaks me out, so this was a great way to soak in some sun and feel the cool water. Macie decided she wanted to sit on my lap. I started singing to her and rocking her and she conked out. It was the sweetest thing. I loved holding and cuddling my baby and she slept there for almost an hour. The ironic thing was, Brian rocked Gavin to sleep. Once we got everything packed up and back at the beach house, we all showered and got ready to go out to eat. We went to Toucans in Mexico Beach. It was really neat and we were able to sit on a deck outside. The food was wonderful and I was able to satisfy my crab leg craving. After dinner, we stopped in the store for a minute and then back to the beach house. After the kids were in bed, we played dice games.

Playing in the water...splash, splash, splash!

Carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders
Don't you like the mismatched outfit? This shirt has a towel liner inside so it is perfect for the beach.

Macie even found the beach at the store at Toucans

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