Friday, March 4, 2011

Hospital Pictures

I brought my camera with me to document the MRI and ended up documenting a lot more! I didn't take too many pictures and when we went home on Friday (for 3 hours) the camera was left behind. I didn't get any pictures from the weekend and I was obviously pretty busy but here is a small glimpse into our week.
Keeping busy before the MRI
My happy, healthy boy!
Tammi (the one holding Gavin) turned out to be a God send this week!
The cutest little gown!
Gavin got to go on a few wagon rides while we were waiting for the MRI
Daddy holding Gavin for the first time after the MRI in the PICU
Doing better on Day 2
Gavin's arm had to be taped up so that he wouldn't pull the IV out. He was hooked up to lots of wires and it was VERY difficult to keep him untangled and everything plugged in!
I love the look on Gavin's face!
Gavin was a wild man in this crib! He would put his head up against the plastic at the top and look out with those golden brown eyes begging someone to rescue him!
Gavin got to branch out of his room and go into the awesome playroom a few times. He had a blast in there but we had make sure he didn't get too worked up. His breathing would get out of whack and it scared us!
We had broken Gavin of the bottle....but he's hooked again after his hospital stay! I think he seriously had more juice this week than he's had his entire life!
One afternoon, Tammi helped give me a break so I could eat lunch. She colored and painted with him. We have a few keepsakes that I will cherish!
The cutest caged beast I've ever seen!
LOVE the smile!

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